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Whether you've never visited Milford on Sea before or you're a seasoned regular (or even a local), the virtual street-level tour below lets you move around Miford on Sea simply by clicking on the map using your computer mouse. There are loads of functions available but here are some of the one you might find most fun:


The maps have small control panels in the top left corners which enable you to zoom in and move the map. To move location or look around, just hold down your mouse button inside the window and drag the mouse around. You can move along the roads by double clicking on the arrows marked.

Beach huts line the beach in Milford on Sea

Interactive Tour of Milford on Sea

Visit Milford on Sea without leaving home

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Visitor's Guide to Milford

Beach and Cliff-tops near Milford Village

Milford Village Centre

Please note these maps are created by Google and represent a snap-shot in time, they are not real-time. Therefore there may be some innaccuracies in what you see due to changes, developments etc.